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Clients Guide

Specifically for me, Azura……

These are some basic guidelines that will help you get the most out of your encounter with me.

First and foremost, it is important to communicate your desires and expectations to me. If you have any specific requirements, such as particular services, or medical conditions that need to be made aware of, be sure to let me know in advance.

This will help to ensure we are on the same page and that there are no surprises.

Be respectful of boundaries. I offer a wide range of services, but I do have my limits and boundaries. It is important to respect those boundaries. Attempting to pressure me into doing something I am not comfortable with is not only disrespectful but also counterproductive; if I feel uncomfortable, I will not be able to give my best performance.

Never try to insist on no protection with me.

Following these simple guidelines will help to ensure that you have a positive and enjoyable experience when we are together.

When texting, calling or email:

Be friendly and polite, Introduce yourself, but It is not a good idea to start bragging about the details concerning your good looks,incredible sexual prowess, the size of your genital etcetera . 

Be clear and ask for details such as :

What type of services you are looking for, what day and time, for how long you like to book (an alternative would also be helpful ), these informations will help a great deal for me quickly find if I have availability for you.

Making rude phone calls,sending your dick pics is not funny or clever, It is infantile and a waste of your time. I will not give the response you are seeking , and I will blacklist and block you.

Do not attempt to message for chit chat without any intention to book, well, not at the beginning! 

Refrain from sending me one worded or one line messages like these:


“Are you free Now?”

“How much?” 



Yes I get a lot of these! 

Instead, send me messages like this, you will make my day! :

“Hi Azura, my name is XYZ,I would like to see you for a 1 hour Vanilla session.

I am looking at Tuesday at X time, are you available? If not I can also do X day at X time.”

If I am uncomfortable with the initial communication, it’s improbable I will respond or let alone see you in person.

Before The Booking

Be on time; this is very important.

If you arrive too early before the agreed time, grab a coffee or take a walk in the neighbourhood and come back at the agreed time. 

The 10-15 minutes before you arrive may seem nothing to you, but it is crucial to me to prepare an excellent presentation of myself and my space.

If you were running late, let me know as soon as possible, don’t wait until your time is due and make that call.

When you arrive, before fun time begins…


I prefer not having to ask you for the money first, be a gentleman and offer to pay for the time you wish to spend with me, soon after the initial introduction. You may feel awkward, however it won’t last long if you are prepared and done quickly!

Never try a bit of last-minute bartering; the rates are set and agreed upon when you made the booking. This last-minute bartering will only make the situation awkward and off putting, you will not make me happy and that will affect my mood and my treatment of you.

Personal Hygiene

Please do not be offended if I ask you to remove your shoes at the door; and shower after we have taken care of the payment. This is a common routine most escorts practice with their clients. If I am visiting you, have a shower before I arrive.

When having shower – pay particular attention to wash your private parts, or any body parts that you want me to touch, kiss, lick and sniff.

Clean your mouth and teeth… the chances of me being a willing participant in erotic games with you is directly proportional to your level of personal hygiene. 

Anal Hygiene

For those of you who wish to explore anal play, please watch this video on Youtube on the subject; if you have further inquiries about how to do it, please feel free to let me know, and I will give you more tips on this. 

Fun time!

I will take the initiative and signal you what to do after you finish showering; I will look after you.

If you changed your mind during the booking, such as wanting to switch from Vanilla to ‘Extras”, I may not be able to provide them as the extra services need to be priorly discussed and prepared.

Sometimes your first experience with a service isn’t what you expected. You may have been too nervous or emotional, maybe not knowing precisely what we wanted from our encounter; it’s perfectly fine to let me know during the booking anything you are not comfortable doing, I will respect that.

If there’s chemistry between us, the sex usually gets better. We will get to know each other better and know what each other is like. Like any relationship, the more time we spend together the better we get at it. After a few sessions with me, you become what is called a “regular”. Escorts prefer to see regulars because it feels good to build a connection with someone they are familiar with.


Is is not just my responsibility to keep an eye on the time; you may not like me being a clockwatcher, but I’m only getting paid for how long we spend together, so let’s adhere to what you paid and booked. If you would like to stay longer, it’s ok to ask if I could; if my schedule permits, then absolutely (with the appropriate extra payment too)!

Close Of Play….

It’s ok to text to say Hi occasionally, I love to hear from you again.


Please limit your texts or phone calls that are leading to prolonged chit chat, or try “sexting”.

Please don’t offer to go for a coffee or lunch/dinner date and expect me to do so socially, without payment. We may have got on very well, and I may genuinely like you, but business is business, and I prefer keeping it that way. 

"The difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money often costs a lot less... "

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